Shrewsbury Diocese -

Registered Charity Number 234025

The Church under  construction 1965 A Brief History

On Low Sunday 1952, Canon Goodear of St Joseph's celebrated the first Mass in the Catholic chapel at Landican cemetery for the people of Woodchurch and Prenton.

Later that same year the parish of St Michael was started by Father Gerard Corcoran. For four years Mass was said on Sundays and Holy days in the cemetery chapel.

A new school was opened in 1956 and Mass was then said in the school hall.

The new church was privately blessed on 8th December 1965, with 800 parishioners present despite heavy rain. It is a large building with seating on three sides of the altar. The walls are reinforced concrete and the roof is framed in steel and clad in aluminium.

Clerestory windows separate the pyramidical roof from the walls and a large louvered window  in the west face of the tower lights the sanctuary with a greater intensity than the rest of the building.

On 12th September 1967, Bishop Grasar blessed the bronze medal which was an award made by the Royal Institute for the North West region in recognition of its architectural merit.

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